Nong Kiaw 1 Day Ethnic Minorities Trip



Nong Khiaw Minorities TrekTrek along the paths that the locals use, giving you an insight into the lives of the people who inhabit the area. The afternoon is a bit more easy-going with a relaxing boat trip back to town.


Nong Khiaw – Ban Huai Lek – Ban Huai Khong – Ban Sop Van.


Follow the small paths of hunters and farmers into the mountains and villages. We depart from our office in Nong Khiaw, then we transfer 10 km to Ban Huai Lek (Khmu village) the trail trek passes through rice fields, a forest, and up a mountain. We cross mountain tops and descend into the village of Ban Huai Khong. (Lunch will be prepared there). Then we trek further to Ban Sop Van Where our boat will be waiting to take us down the Nam Ou River, along the way we will pass scenes of rural riverside life. Arriving at Nong Khiaw in the late afternoon. (Return by boat or by kayak)


Approximately: 5 hours trekking