Luang Prabang Ethnic Minorities 2 Day



Luang Prabang Minorities TrekIf you want to experience an alternative way of life then you should try this. Visit a Hmong village to learn about tribal medicine, trek through the jungle and stay overnight in a village. On day two learn about the Khmu culture before cooling off at the beautiful Tad Sae waterfall.


Day 1. Luang Prabang – Ban Longlun – Ban Houy Nok


Departing from Laos Outdoor office by Minivan, we drive for 1 hour to the north of Luang Prabang to Ban Longlun (Hmong village) where we start to trek, here you will learn more about Hmong culture and visit a coffee plantation, the trek leads us for about 15 minutes to village’s herbal forest. The local guide will show you how to collect wild herbs, explain their properties and what they can treat, we then continue through the forest to a protected area by the village. On the way, which is sometimes steep, the slope leads us high up into the peaks where we stop to enjoy a Lao style local picnic lunch. After lunch, the trail will be more challenging, giving us a chance to hear or even see wildlife. The guide will point out signs of wildlife tracks including wild chickens, boars and civets which are present in the area. Here the trail takes us through dense jungle before the descent down from the mountains to Ban Houy Nok (Khmu village) where we will stay overnight.


Approximately: 6 hours trekking / 1 hour transfer.


Day 2. Ban Houy Nok – Ban Houy Fay – Ban Suan – Luang Prabang



Luang Prabang Minorities TrekAfter breakfast, the trek leads us through a rice paddy before entering dense mixed growth forest with a remarkable diversity of tree species. After a 1 hour of an up-and-down hike though the forest, we reach the first top of the mountain range, we enjoy the great views of the surrounding landscape and a typical local picnic lunch is provided here. On the way we pass a tiny settlement of a few Hmong families. However, we leave this place quickly behind us and follow a trail of secondary growth and cross several streams before approaching Ban Houy Fay (Khmu village), here we have an opportunity to get more insights into the culture of the Khmu ethnic group. Finally, the trek continues through a beautiful valley with impressive limestone scenery ending at Tad Sae waterfall, where we can swim and relax before we take a fishing boat across the Nam khan river to Ban Ann where we transfer to Luang Prabang by minivan.


Approximately: 5 hours trekking / 40 minutes transfer.




Luang Prabang Minorities TrekExpect thick jungle and stunning scenery on this trip. Visit a number of small villages with an overnight stay in one of them. Delve deeper into the cultures and life styles of these very different people.


Day 1. Luang Prabang – Ban Pha Peung – Ban Mok Chong – Ban Nasavang


We depart from our office and drive 40km north of Luang Prabang to our trekking start point, the trail passes through a bamboo forest, rice paddies, dense jungle and two different villages. The first village that we visit is Ban Pha Peung (Khmu tribe village) and the second village is Ban Mok Chong where you will learn about their cultures. Finally we reach the Khmu village of Ban Nasavang and spend the night in this village.


Approximately:  1 hour transport / 6 hours trekking



Luang Prabang Minorities TrekDay 2. Ban Nasavang – Ban Mok Meuang – Ban Houy Leuang – Luang Prabang


We trek onwards into the mountain forest west of Nam Ou valley. The trail leads us through amazing limestone scenery, where we can enjoy spectacular panoramic views then we continue trekking, following a local trail, into the real deep jungle. Lunch is served in the Hmong village of Ban Mok Meuang. After lunch we continue onwards through the deep jungle before we reach the rice paddy and the Khmu village of Ban Houy Leuang to take our transport back to Luang Prabang.


Approximately:  1 hour transport / 6 hours trekking.