Luang Prabang Ethnic Minorities 1 Day



Luang Prabang Minorities TrekExperience other ways of life by visiting Hmong and Khmu villages and lose yourself in the spectacular scenery that Luang Prabang has to offer. Clear your head in the great outdoors.


TrekkingForrestLuang Prabang – Ban Som – Ban Phou Luangtai – Ban Houy Pong


We depart on foot from Laos Outdoor office in downtown Luang Prabang and cross the Mekong River by motor boat to Ban Xieng Man village. We then drive for 40 minutes to the starting point at Ban Som village, we trek through a beautiful valley and pass rice fields and a forest for about 2 hours before reaching the Hmong village (Ban Phou Laungtai) here you will learn more about Hmong culture. After lunch the trail leads us through a remote and beautiful bamboo forest and some unique limestone scenery. We finally arrive at Ban Houy Pong (Khmu village) where we have the opportunity to get more insights into the culture of the Khmu ethnic group. From here we return to Luang Prabang by songtheaw.


Approximately: 2 hours transfer/ 6 hours trekking.


Note: Tour available only in the dry season (from September-May)



Luang Prabang Minorities TrekIf you like to hike then this is for you. Scenic mountains, wildlife and cultural villages all rolled into one. A fantastic way to experience the GREAT outdoors.


Luang Prabang – Ban Nong Touk – Ban Longlao – Luang Prabang


We leave from Laos Outdoor Travel at 9:00 AM and after a 35 minute drive on a “dirt” road to the south-east of Luang Prabang we arrive at Ban Nong Touk, where we start to trek. The trek leads us for about an hour through rice paddy fields before entering a dense mixed growth forest with a remarkable diversity of tree species. After 2 hours of an up-and-down hike though the forest we reach the first peak of the mountain range, here we enjoy the spectacular views of the surrounding landscape and a typical local picnic lunch is provided here. We soon reach another peak, where our trail begins to head down the backside of the range. The forest is a bit sparser here, but there are more chances of seeing tracks of wild animals. On the way we pass a tiny settlement of a few Hmong families. Getting here takes us about one and a half hours. However, we leave this village quickly behind us and follow a trail of secondary growth. After 40 minutes or so the forest opens up and we approach the first Hmong-village Ban Longlao Nueng, the second is Ban Longlao Mai. Here we have the opportunity of getting more insights into the cultures of the two ethnicities, Hmong and Khmu, before returning to Luang Prabang.


Approximately: 35 minutes transfer/ 5 hours trekking.